Acceptable User PolicyCatholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia


Technology is a valuable educational vehicle. Our schools are committed to teach its students, faculty,
administrators, staff, and school community to work and to learn effectively with technology and to ensure
responsible use of technology. The policy outlined below applies to all technology use including, but not limited to

Internet use.
The Acceptable Use Policy for Technology
applies to all students, faculty, administrators, staff,

The school’s goal is to prepare its members for life in an electronic, global community. To this end, the school will:
• provide a variety of technology based tools
• teach technology skills
• integrate technology with curriculum
• encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills
• facilitate evaluation and synthesis of information
• encourage ethical practices

Our schools will make every effort to provide a safe environment for learning with technology including Internet
safeguards. The students, faculty, administrators, staff, and school community are granted the privilege of using the
computer hardware and software, peripherals, and electronic communication tools including the Internet. With this
privilege comes the responsibility to use the equipment correctly, respect the name and intellectual property of
others, and follow the policies outlined below.

Educational Purpose/ Appropriate Use:
All technology use and Internet access at schools for all faculty,
Copyright/Intellectual Property:
All sources obtained for teacher and student work should be properly