"Jesus, we often describe you as the Way, the Truth and the Light. Guide us in the exciting realm of electric generated light and programmed path ways. Here as in all things, we ask you Truth. Amen."
we have

Dell pc's with 19" flat screen Monitors
All students are required to have a folder for computer class

Here are the links to the 2015 8th grade Animoto videos on "Immigration and Discrimination" from 1890 to 1920

Amy Muskaj
Morgan Murawski
Malinda Morris
Olivia Meyer
Kylie Rae Flanagan
Maura Farrell
Patrick Thompson
Daniel Polit
Ryan Fleming
John Paul Jones
Mason Leslie
Liam Rafter
Richard Leader
James Birch

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Endlessly Improving Math

World War 1 Documentary D. Shissler 8th Grade 2011
The Great War Documentary Justin Aikens 2011


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Eighth Grade Boys

We teach Skills for the 21st Centurydeck_keyboard.jpg
  • Keyboarding
  • Database
  • PowerPoint
  • Word Processing
  • Excel
  • Internet Research
  • Online Publishing

What do we have?
  • Dell Power Edge Server
  • Dell Vostra Untangle Server
  • U. P. S.
  • 23 NEW Dell workstations in the Computer Lab
  • with 19" Flat Screen Monitors
  • 1 Networked Laser black and white printer in the Computer Lab
  • 3 Networked Desk jet color printers in the Computer Lab
  • 12 Interactive Smartboards for Classrooms, science lab and auditorium
  • 5 new Dell Latitude Laptops for Teachers

Skype List for Teachers

email: marnold@stlaurentius.org

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